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Privacy Policy
1. Information Collection and Use
Andamiro collects User’s personal information from Andamiro sites to provide our full range of Service and improve the quality of our Service. Our Service will function properly based upon User’s personal information. We may combine the information User submits under his/her account with information from other Andamiro services to provide User with a better experience.
2. Types of Personal Information When User registers for Andamiro account, we ask User for personal information such as email address, name and mailing address. For some special services, we can ask for Social Security number, cell phone number and other information. In addition, we can ask User to submit his/her personal information to deliver items or obtain poll statistics or event info. Andamiro only processes personal information for the above purposes.
3. Termination User agrees that Andamiro can possess User’s personal information and use it to provide the Service, as long as User wishes to use Andamiro sites. However, if User properly requests to terminate or delete his/her account, User’s personal information will be completely deleted from Andamiro computer records and it will not be capable of reuse for any purpose.
4. Information Providing and Sharing Andamiro does not share personal information about User with other people or other companies except when we have User’s permission, or under the following circumstances: 1) 2)
5. Cookies Andamiro may set and access cookies on User’s computer. However, we do not use cookies to collect personal information.
6. Security and Technical Effort User’s personal information is protected by password. Only User can know his/her password and change personal information. Thus, User agrees to not reveal his/her password to others. Upon finish of use of the Service, User should log out and close the web browser. In cases where User utilizes a shared or public computer, User must heed this procedure to safeguard his/her personal information from others. Andamiro does its best to protect Users’ personal information, including the use of up-to-date anti-virus software or telecommunications equipment to protect all information.
7. Personal Information User can check and edit personal information, and delete his/her account. If User has any complaints or suggestions, he/she is requested to please contact We will notify you of the result.
8. Privacy Management Andamiro does its best to require the User to utilize the Service safely. In case that your personal information is provided to others without your permission, a person in charge of privacy management will take responsibility. However, you agree that a person in charge of privacy management is not responsible for technical problems, such as hacking or posts from others. -Person in charge of privacy management-
Name: jin-soo Lee
Department: Strategy Planning Dept./M product
Phone: 031-909-2066
Fax : 031-908-7549